2014.09.16 23:23

" He’s one of the few people that can make me laugh out loud and vice versa. For someone who’s not got a sense of humour he’s hilarious. He’s got a weird way with words. Only me and him can say the things we say to each other…"

- Noel on Liam.

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2014.09.15 22:01


Promo version of the Wonderwall video. 

I love the 4:00 bit.

2014.09.15 22:01

indirects @ noelgallagher (a masterpost)


oh, man. this is a long post. this is an embarrassingly long post.

here is a comprehensive collection of very vague to very blunt tweets composed by the inestimable liam gallagher in honour of noely g.

let’s do this shit chronologically, shall we.

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